Sep 26, 2012

Birds, Cup and Saucer

Hai everyone..

Last time when we used to work, kami sefamily hanya dapat datang jogging and playing at this park only on Saturday or Sunday aje..but now when both of me and my husband work on our own we managed to came here on weekdays...but just 2 of us only lah...(Love...Love)..Kids at school of course kan... :)

After jogging sometime we had light breakfast nearby the lake...enjoy the cool breeze and nice view..I love to see the birds in the morning kat tasik ni.They like to flying here and there kat atas air tu...ala2 macam cecah kaki sikit2 pastu terbang balik..

but definitely not this bird...
Maybe he said ' I am alone today'

here they are..

One of my favourite things dlm hidup i adalah cup and saucer...I love to collect them but tak adalah banyak sangat pun collectionnya.Mostly i bought them 2 set each design and the cost normally below Rm 10.Macam thrifty find lah ni..Normaly i found them at flea market, Romantika or KK Homes or Pasar Karat anywhere yg i pergi. 

All the sets i bought i gunakan when we have breakfast or teatime selain jadi display kat rumah tu...


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